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Artist Statement

My name is Mike Fleckenstein. Photography has been one of my lifelong passions.  I enjoy taking photos of just about everything, but my favorite subjects are creative architecture, people, and landscapes.


I believe that the most important goal in photography should be a finished product that reflects what the eye saw at the moment the image was captured. I also feel that there are no unbreakable rules or boundaries. The guidelines are only there to provide framework.


I also feel that it is important to share all that I have learned about photography with others.  It is very satisfying when  you see a student finally understand something that has been difficult for them.



My Background

After retirement from a career in computer software development, I taught courses in digital photography and Adobe Photoshop® at Penn State University for five years and currently offer customized classes in both subjects. I have experience in photographing  Architecture for local home builders, as well as Portraiture and Special Events. References upon request.



The Photographer

I am a Member and Webmaster of the Fredericksburg Photogaphy Club, in Fredericksburg, Virginia